Here's a small taste of recent research showing the importance of reading, talking, and singing to your baby throughout the day, every day.

How Reading to Babies Turns Babble into Language” by Sara Diedrich

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains” by Perri Klass, M.D.  

Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains” by Catherine Pearson

Little Kids with Big Vocabularies Start School Ready to Learn” by Jessica Buterbaugh

The Power of Talking to Your Baby” by Tina Rosenberg

Shifting Gaze Can Signal When Baby’s Learning” by Molly McElroy

Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word” by Motoko Rich

"More non-profits teaching parents to read with children" by Lillian Mongeau

Language gap between rich and poor children begins in infancy, Stanford psychologists find” by Bjorn Carey

The Word Gap: The Early Years Make the Difference” by Laura J. Colker