About the Books

Engaging and Educational

Loving Language Baby Books help you accelerate your baby’s language development.

Every Loving Language book has tips for talking about the story and pictures. In addition to following those tips, you should also give your own ideas. 

Babies learn best when you ask and answer questions about the story and pictures. Follow your baby’s gaze and reactions so you can talk about things your baby finds interesting. It’s also helpful to point at, name, and count details in the pictures. Once your baby starts talking, build on your baby’s ideas too.

If you read and talk to your baby every day, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your baby learns.

Readable and Chewable

Loving Language Baby Books are printed on a tear-proof paper substitute that is washable and durable, with stitched binding and rounded corners. The “paper,” stitching, and ink are nontoxic—and chewable!

About the Author

Lisa Hansel has spent the last twenty years finding trustworthy research and translating it into practical advice for teachers and parents. She has a B.S. in psychology and an Ed.D. in education policy. As a writer, editor, and adjunct professor, she has focused on giving all children an equal opportunity to learn.